On Soviet Socialist Realism

Impressionism is painting what you see; Expressionism is painting what you feel; and Socialist Realism is painting what you hear.

– Unattributed

"In the Crimea," Aleksandr Deineka (1899-1969), 1956

  1. kazaknomad said:

    Should this read rather “Impressionism is what you [see]?” Otherwise, the Social Realism is the same? Love this painting from the Crimea, either the sunny beaches of Odessa or Sevastopol perhaps? This after the Tatars were all exported off the premises thanks to Stalin.

    • Yes! Thank you for catching that typo and bringing it to my attention. Sometimes I write these posts too fast. Having never been to the Crimea, I can only imagine what it was like and what it was meant to be like, but the painting certainly does evoke a certain mood (clean of all trace of ethnic and economic strife…).

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