Short Hiatus

Unfortunately, I’m not going to be able to blog for the next week. Don’t worry about checking back until after 18 October at the earliest. In recompense, I’ll leave you with some entertaining tidbits. After this short hiatus I’ll return to providing a slightly higher quality of writing and reflection.

My brother wins the contest to caption the picture of a bus (first posted 30 September):

"One day Simba, all this will be privatized."

And also, a link to a Russian pop хит (pronounced khit, meaning “hit”) from 2007. Despite this being a few years old, its been playing on TVs everywhere, and it’s really good for my Russian.

In case you missed them, the lyrics in the chorus are:

“Beep beep beep,


Beep beep beep-beep,

Your Jeep honks.”

And repeat. Next time you think pop music in the UK or the US has reached a new low (Ke$ha…), just remember dear Julia Kova (who is, it bears noting, Russian and not Kazakh).

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  1. Prof. Adam Worth said:


    Take that J.R.

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